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We have new webspace!  Since WordPress is so clunky and hard to use Kat and I have decided to consolidate all our blogs into one.  The new space is thatdude1.blogspot.com which now has Ad support so that we can hopefully get some revenue from a hobby.  So feel free to click on any links you find off to the side.  Farewell and I’ll see you in the new space.


Protected: Father’s Day 2009

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Just an Update

We’ve now found out that there’s a Nestle recall for some tubs of cookie dough we have.  It carries one of the most dangerous strains of the e-coli bacteria.  We think that Kat has it and that’s what’s been causing her stomach cramping.  She’s had the diarrhea since she’s been off the pain medicine (appearently pain medicine causes you to become constipated) and if it’s progressed bad enough it can cause renal damage and get into the blood which is exceptionally dangerous.  If it did get into Kat’s blood there’s a large probability that it caused the miscarriage.  If it turns out that that’s the case I will do everything in my power to get Nestle shut down.  They would atleast pay for all the hospital visits and ideally if it did cause the miscarriage then I would say they would owe us a monetary value equivalent from the time the baby would have been born to the time it turned eighteen and was able to move out.  I can start at one billion a year.  Of course ideally that would be after taxes.  But that will never happen.  If the e-coli from the cookie dough caused everything we’d be luck to get them to pay half of the medical bills and we certainly wouldn’t get a value on a life.  The courts wouldn’t allow it.  They’re there to help big business and keep liability costs down.  That’s why Nestle is saying to throw away all possibly contaminated substances: there won’t be a way to trace the cookie dough if no one has any to test.

Just an Update

Things are not progressing as planned.  After a debacle Saturday morning with the baby coming out at home it made the D & C surgery easier on Kat but she is still suffering complications from it.  We’re currently at Piedmont and have been since about one O’ clock this morning.  She’s having terrible cramps that the doctors can only describe as being a result of the D & C.  After sitting in the ER for nearly twelve hours we finally get a room and meds that put Kat to sleep.  She’s going in and out now.  She woke up for a moment to ask me what I was doing and is already back snoring.  When she’s awake for a few more moments she keeps saying she’s still hurting.  All this money and we still can’t make it any better.  Fortunately she does have insurance now but it’ll only cover 80%.  20% on a surgery and an overnight hospital stay with lortab on the menu still comes up to a lot of money.  The only plus of it so far is that a meal was included with the room.  No promises we’ll get home tonight which means I won’t get my medicine because I’m not going to leave her up here by herself.  Hopefully one night will be alright.  If all goes according to plan though the nurse will be in to check in about forty-five minutes and we’ll be able to go home.  Wish us luck.

Ill Omens

You would think that with as many bad things that have happened I would recognize the signs when bad things are about to occur.  Today we received word of possibly the most devistating news parents can hear: we lost our baby today.  We go in for surgery in the morning to remove the fetus.  No more posts for a while on the subject of pregnancy or babies.

Just Thinking

With all the bizarre stuff that’s been happening lately I’m wondering I there were signs before it all started.  When Jess was here she heard the toilet flush three times in the night once while she was in there and no one was at it.  I attributed it to a leaky valve somewhere but it hasn’t done it since.  Also a few months ago I woke up thinking someone was at the foot of the bed.  I had heard a voice say something and that prompted me to wake up and inquire who was at the end of our bed.  I dismissed it as a waking dream.  Now though I’m not so sure.

I’m Starting to get Worried

More things are occurring around the house.  We purchased an additional bed today to put the girls down in our room at the end of the bed so they won’t have to sleep in the room that may or may not contain a disembodied person or something worse.  2.0 was headed to the bathroom for her bath and stopped in the hall to peer into the room where their beds are and said “Hello?  Hello?  Some body dere?”  And during the girls bath Kat thought she heard me say something to the effect of “Hey!  Look at this!” while I was in the middle of doing a speed test remotely on my inlaw’s computer.  Last night I ran a recorder in the room and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get full batteries and be able to record it onto a computer and fix it up to hear if I caught something.  Hopefully I didn’t.  If I did I’ll need to start coming up with ways to get them out of here.  The girls are scared to sleep in their room and I also just remembered that last night Kat and I were up there getting them to sleep and my wife was in the bed with them next to 2.0 and she leaned over to Kat and whispered “Can you hear them talking?” a couple of times.  We definately need a new resolution before the new baby comes.  Wish us luck.  And hopefully we won’t have to call Ghost Hunters.  P.S.  I forgot to mention that while the girls were getting in bed I felt something against my left butt-cheek that felt like 1.1 hugging the back of my leg and when I reached down to hug her back she was on the bed and I was standing all by my lonesome.

More Unexplainable Occurrences

More bizarre things are happening in the ****** household.  Last night the Mrs. heard 2.0 crying on the baby monitor and went upstairs to investigate.  By the time she got upstairs all was quiet.  On the way to pee she peered in their door and asked if everything was okay to which 1.1 replied “Yeah.”  No biggie right.  After her potty break Kat still had a bad feeling so she went to get them out of bed and downstairs with us.  The catch?  They were both still sound asleep.  They both had to be shaken pretty hard to be able to come down stairs.  Strange.  To top things off at dinner time we had another occurrence.  We have two small Asian tea cups in front of where I keep the cookbooks I’m writing and the one on the inside of the pair (e.g. the one not next to the edge) took a dive.  Still don’t know how to explain that one.  If it was a vibration then the one on the ledge would have fallen off instead.  Still can’t figure out what’s going on.  Any suggestions are welcome in the comments section of any of my posts of possibly paranormal activity.

Strange Things are Afoot

Bizarre things are happening around the (insert family name here) household.  Earlier today I got home and started the dishwasher and everything was honky dory.  Well I do some massive rearranging in Jessy’s room (she’s gone now.  She went home Wednesday) and I go in the kitchen to get a drink of my red cream soda I left in there.  I stop dead in my tracks however when I start hearing music.  At first I thought it was my Ipod station playing but I quickly realized that A) it wasn’t plugged in and B) I had my Ipod on my hip.  I thought I was just imagining it so I stopped to listen to it.  I stood there listening for somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes.  I thought that maybe it was the dishwasher but the noises in the dishwasher were too inconsistent.  I heard something over the sound of the dishwasher.  To make matters more peculiar I moved 1.1 and 2.0’s beds to Jessy’s room and we put 2.0 down to sleep in it alone to try and get her in her own bed before the new baby arrives (December First is the due date but seeing as the last two have come three weeks early odds are good this one will too) so she’s up there asleep.  I moved the baby monitor in there to watch her (duh that’s a given) and all of a sudden Kat and I hear this strange noise coming from our receiver.  It sounded like a door opening.  I go upstairs to investigate and discover that nothing is out of the ordinary except for one small thing: there is a sound like a baby screaming in searing pain echoing though the two bedrooms and the bathroom.  I stand and listen to it for a moment and it persists and I gradually begin to loose my cool.  I grab 2.0 and return to our bed.  Still the sound permeates the air via the receiver.  I go back to investigate and realize that it is becoming louder.  I also notice that the cat is running back and forth though the house but is refusing to go into the bathroom (could be she’s traumatized because it’s used as a detention chamber for her) and the sound only grows stronger.  I poke my head out the front door and can hear nothing which leads me to believe that the sound is coming from within the house.   I freak out but only internally.  I return to the primary sleeping quarters (which until today housed four of the five members of this home [one of which is now at home across the Atlantic.])  We then hear the sound of dogs barking though the receiver.  I return to Ground Zero and it’s confirmed that there are indeed now dogs barking.  The crying continues.  Finally we shut the door and spend another twenty minutes or so pondering on what exactly it could be.  Kat suggested it may be a cat in heat trapped under the house or right outside the windows on the far side of the house which would explain why I hear it inside the house but not outside.  Sorry sweetie but I’m still not convinced.  I’ll keep posts running about more occurrences like this.

Cool Thing!

Cool thing happened yesterday evening: 1.1 lost her first tooth!  Kat pulled it right out.  Pictures to follow soon hopefully.